Bali Surf Adventures

Welcome to ThumbsUp Surf!

Our mission is to give you the best Bali surf experiences possible.  We do this by  offering a variety of great surf options, providing you with the best and freshest surf gear, employing the friendliest and most knowledgeable instructors and coaches, and by doing it all with a heaping portion of love and passion for surfing!

ThumbsUp Surf was founded in 2011.  They started out as Bali’s premier kids surf program.  Through this program they have gained an international reputation for excellence, safety, and surf standards.  ThumbsUp Surf evolved over time into the full service surf school that they are today.  They have undergone many changes through the years by offering more services and by broadening their scope, but the passion for surfing and commitment to excellence has, and always will, remain the same.  

Our guest love to surf with us for many reasons and they frequently return to challenge themselves on new waves, learn new techniques, increase their surf IQ, and soak up good vibes from the crew.  We always put in the extra effort to make sure our guests are at the right beach at the right time on the right day.  

ThumbsUp Surf is excellent by design and always ready to be your Bali Surf Adventure Team!